The ASEE Engineering Leadership Development Division values collaboration within and outside of the division.  Initiatives continue in connecting with existing Engineering Leadership Development activities at member and non-member institutions as well as with other ASEE divisions, such as the Engineering Management and Engineering Ethics Divisions.  Collaboration with other Engineering Leadership Development activities that may overlap with LEAD or exist outside of the LEAD umbrella is also being fostered.

As noted on the home page–

Presently, the division is continuing its social media initiative to promote stronger community connections.  The primary ‘doorway’ for this initiative is LEAD’s LinkedIn group.  Please come and find us there for engineering leadership resources and informal virtual meetings.

Other examples include:

  • COMPLETE (Community of Practice for Leadership Education for 21st Century Engineers) and its membership consisting of representatives of over 15 universities. More info about past meetings is available below.
  • An incipient effort to join together engineering leadership activities within major conferences, such as the B1G, SEC, ACC, and PAC12.


2015 COMPLETE Meeting

The Fall 2015 COMPLETE meeting took place at Penn State University, University Park, PA on Nov 9-10th, 2015.   This was the 20th anniversary of the Engineering Leadership Development program at Penn State (the oldest such university-based program in the country), and returned the COMPLETE team to the site of their first meeting as a group in 2007.

There were 24 people in attendance, including representatives from The University of Texas at El Paso, Western University, United State Naval Academy, Iowa State University, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Flordia, University of Toronto, Brigham Young University, James Madison University, Northeastern University, MIT, Northwestern University, University of California- San Diego, Tufts University, Colorado School of Mines, and Penn State University.

The focus of the meeting was to identify areas where collaborative research on Engineering Leadership Development could be pursued.  Input was obtained via surveys and interviews of university-based engineering leadership initiatives, an industry panel discussion, and breakout group discussions.

Photos 2015

The 2014 COMPLETE Conference
held on March 21-22, 2014 at Rice University consisted of a two-day program which explored the current state of engineering leadership, and best practices in professional development for engineers within the first five years of their careers.  Through engaging keynotes, panel discussions, interactive workshops and networking opportunities, participants underwent a unique and rewarding professional development experience.

Find out more information at the links below:

See an article about the 2014 COMPLETE Conference by David Niño, Rice University Professor in the Practice of Engineering Leadership.

Read highlights of the address by National Academy of Engineering (NAE) President Dan Mote at the 2014 COMPLETE Conference.

Photos 2014